Our Company has a family tradition with more than 100 years in the branch of Auctions and Rural Business, counting today with the fourth generation.

This tradition was started by Sixto J. Dutra and Rodolfo Ponce de Leon in 1898 when they founded Ponce de Leon y Dutra.
After Mr. Rodolfo died Mr. Sixto continued with his three sons calling the firm Sixto J. Dutra S. en C.

Actually DUTRA HERMANOS continues the family tradition with the sons and grandsons of Juan Andrés Dutra, with the experience and knowledge for more than 100 years at the service of the production.

Our company is specialist in:

     - Auctions of Cattle and Breeding Cattle

     - Auctions by TV

     - Sale of Cattle to slaugterhouses

     - Sale of Land (Real State Department)

     - Sale of Wool

     - Export and Import of Livestock (Bovine and Ovine)

     - Valuations

     - Agriculture and cattle advice


The company has their principal offices in Montevideo and covers all de country with an ample net of agents.